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Shannon`s Legacy By Ann Marie Payne her MUM.  


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My daughter was very special.In the way she used to ask for red lemonade,it sounded like ed anade.When she used to get mad,she used to piont her finger and shake it,just like her granny Payne.

The only thing she did not like to eat was eggs.One day I tryed to get her to eat an egg, she fired it back at me. I could not blame her,as i do not eat eggs myself and that was the funny thing about it.

My mother used to call my daughter thurnder thights as my daughter loved her food.Except eggs. 
Her Brother Dylan and herself used to fight however , usally what they used to fight over was each others toy's.
However, what each brother and sister don't.
I had her for only 22 months, all that time was so special memory`s as  said she loved playing with her brother's toy's apart from her own.
All my daughter's family love her and miss her very much. Just after my daughter died, I was handed a poem.Which i feel is very fitting to all children.

                                   Shannon  /A bud
The gardener gave us,Apure and lovely child,
He gave it to our keeping,
To cherish undefiled,
But just as it was opening to the long of the day,
Down came our God and father,
And took that Bud away.

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