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Shannon was Born in Ireland on February 20, 1997.
Passed away on December 25, 1998 at the age of 22 Months Old leaving behind her Brother Dylan Payne aged 3 Years old and 2 Months. She alleged died of a Cot Death "I do not execpt this".
Our Irish , England Wales & Scotland Petition against abuse of Children


{ Child Protection Services }

Opponents of Family preservation have a lot of great applouse lines, they are for " Child Protection " they say. They are for " Childrens Human & Civil Rights " they say. They are for "Putting Children first in-stead of Familys First" they say. And over & Over again , they tell us they are just " Erring on the side of the Child " 

We say they are telling Big Fib`s and are Protection Criminals ...

However in the name of Child Protection We say. That "Children have been beaten up in Care" . In the name of Child Protection "Emotionally Abused" we say . In the name of Child Protection "Sexually Abused'' we say . In the name of Child Protection "Murdered in Care''. 

We say please sign our Petition in the Name of My Daughter Shannon Marie Dempsey & Child Welfaire, to Protect her Brothers and Us in Ireland , To Protect other Children who are in Foster Care in England , Wales , Scotland & Ireland .

Don`t let my Daughter`s Shanon`s deat be in Vain let her Lgacy live on to help other Children, Your Children by Signing the Memorial Candles Pitition in which we as Parents can send to our Government`s in Protest against abuse of our Children`s Human & Civil Right`s & Our`s as their Parents.

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