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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shannon Dempsey who was born in Ireland on February 20, 1997 and passed away on December 25, 1998 at the age of 22 Month`s old . We will remember her forever.Survived by her Broteher Dylan Payne D.O.B. 19-10-1995 , survived by her Grandparents Nuala & Robert Payne ,her Uncle William Payne  her Half Brother Alex Payne Craven  D.O.B 25-7-2001, Survived by , my new found Partner Jimmy Craven and I her Mother Ms. Ann Payne. Music by her Distante Cousin Mr. Philip Oakely of the Human League...
I will not name Shannon`s Father`s Family as they only made a Mockery of her Death , and use her death as an excuse to attack My Family ,Children and I, who survive her through Social Service`s.

My Ex-Husband , allowed his Sister to make False Allegation`s against my new found Partner Jimmy and I and our Care of My Son Dylan Payne , who now is in Foster Care with her to line her Pocket`s.

She Destroyed , my Partner`s Job in association of the Health board that she Work`s for , as a Nurse`s aid along with her Brother & Father of Dylan and Shannon .

They Destroyed my new Partner`s Jimmy`s Business as a D.J. they took his life away.

We don`t have a Car any More , they took that to from my Partner`Jimmy because he left his job because he was been Bullied because of them.

They had our Baby Son Alex Payne Craven ,taken for one Year by Social Services , to Secure my son Dylan Payne`s Placement with them.

They have abused my Family and alienated them from Us .

They are  alleged abuseing my Son Dylan Payne who is in Foster care with them. And are Alienating Us From him, in association of the Health board, that they work for. 

They have abused our Civil Liberity`s our Civil Right , Our Human Right`s in the name of Child Welfare for their Pocket`s .

They have destroyed my relationship with my Family and Friend`s who I care deeply about.

They are Home reacker`s along with C.P.S. 


We are C.P.S. VICTIM`S

My Daughter Shannon Dempsey , I wan`t her LEGACY to live on , I want her Name Knowen to the World ,as an Angle called Shannon please Light a Candle for her memory & goodness ,and Sign her Petition , to STOP the abuse of Children in Foster Care , to STOP Parent`s abuseing their Children Murderind them and sellin them into Slavery . To sign Shannon`s Petition pleasse go to the Top of the page and light a Candle in her memory.

I also wish that you take a Look at this US & Canada Pitition , it will make your Realize Why ! I want you to sign Shannon`s Pitition which is Irish their is a Very Strong Connection Between the Us and Canada in Fact all over the World .Some of the Children on this site could well be related to you and lost their Live`s under the Protection of Social Service`s in Foster Care , we don`t want this to happen in Ireland nor any other EU Country please take a look at this before Signing Shannon`s Pitition ...   

To Sign Shannon`s Pitition for Irish and other EU Countries , please go to the Top of the Page and Click on Memorial Candle`s .

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My Condolences to the Payne Family in memory of Shannon.
Missing you   / Ms. Ann Marie Payne (Mother)
From your Death to Day I will alway`s Miss you , From Mum.
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Shannon`s Legacy By Ann Marie Payne her MUM.  


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.  Light a Candle for these Children ..

My daughter was very special.In the way she used to ask for red lemonade,it sounded like ed anade.When she used to get mad,she used to piont her finger and shake it,just like her granny Payne.

The only thing she did not like to eat was eggs.One day I tryed to get her to eat an egg, she fired it back at me. I could not blame her,as i do not eat eggs myself and that was the funny thing about it.

My mother used to call my daughter thurnder thights as my daughter loved her food.Except eggs. 
Her Brother Dylan and herself used to fight however , usally what they used to fight over was each others toy's.
However, what each brother and sister don't.
I had her for only 22 months, all that time was so special memory`s as  said she loved playing with her brother's toy's apart from her own.
All my daughter's family love her and miss her very much. Just after my daughter died, I was handed a poem.Which i feel is very fitting to all children.

                                   Shannon  /A bud
The gardener gave us,Apure and lovely child,
He gave it to our keeping,
To cherish undefiled,
But just as it was opening to the long of the day,
Down came our God and father,
And took that Bud away.

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